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Apollo Moonwatch with lunar dust from Apollo 16

Apollo Moonwatch with lunar dust from Apollo 16

Apollo Moonwatch "LM 11" with real lunar dust

from the Apollo 16 landing site - world exclusive !

Over a year of development we are proud to present the ultimative high-end space watch for any collector containing authentic lunar dust from an Apollo landing site, almost every part of this fantastic watch presentation is handmade and designed made in Germany (other than the source movement and wristband which are -of course ! - Swiss made) :

The Apollo 16 - LM 11 is limited to only 16 pieces and each watch is a unique piece of artwork. The dial shows a detailed lunar surface structure and is shaped in brass and handpainted afterwards.


In a small capsule at around 10° clock there is a lunar surface flown piece of beta cloth material from the Apollo 16 Lunar Module "Orion" from the personal collection of the lunar module pilot, Charles M. Duke, that contains traces of lunar dust that got caught in the netting material after both moonwalkers returned from their EVAs. A total of three EVAs were performed by Charlie Duke and his commander John Young.

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Due to the unique surface structure of the lunar material it got caught easily in all parts of their spacesuits and transfered back into the Lunar Module along with the astronauts.

Closeup of the beta cloth material with lunar grains

This piece of beta cloth material comes from a netting installed in the Lunar Module "Orion" used to store equipment and other mission critical hardware. Numerous tiny fragments of lunar dust are all over the fibres that can be easily seen at 60x magnitude.

The movement is a specially redesigned Swiss UNITAS 9467 movement by Till Lottermann from Mannheim/Germany. Each movement is goldplated by hand and additionally upgraded by him with special screws. Each movement is engraved with the serial number.

The natural rubber wristband with Butterfly clasp has a unique lunar surface texture and goes perfectly with the dial. It was specifically developed for this watch. The box is a detailed specifically designed for us 1:13 model of the Apollo Command Module with a plexiglass window (of course, this box can be used to store any watch if you prefer to wear your moonwatch).

The watch itself is attached to the 3D lunar surface inside -a metal model of the Lunar Module is attached showing the source of the beta cloth. Special LED illumination can be switched on with a remote control that comes with the package.

The Apollo 16 LM 11 is water resistent up to 10m but should be rather not exposed to water.

Each watch comes with 2-year warranty from the day of purchase for movement and case. This warranty excludes inexpertly use, grossly negligent damages and not for wear parts

All watches are made after order and take about 6-8 weeks delivery time. On request and subject to availability we can also offer the CM model signed by Charlie Duke. 

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Signed (by Charlie Duke) edition : 5850,- Euro (approx. USD 6500,-)

Unsigned edition : 5500,- Euro (approx. USD 6175,-)

Disclaimer : Although the beta cloth material was directly obtained from Charlie Duke's personal collection, Mr. Duke was not involved in the development of this watch nor does endorse this edition. Lunar dust as part of officially released artifacts to astronauts is legal to own.


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