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Apollo 8 FLOWN "Updates" checklist front + back cover

Estimated delivery time : 4-12 business days depending on country, ships immediately

Piece of history - FLOWN to the MOON on mankind's first voyage to leave the gravity of earth 1968 - used by the crew throughout the flight and also when earthrise occurred!

Literally no flown Apollo 8 checklists came onto the market so far, and the last hand-annotated checklists we originally sold were auctioned at close to $20,000 each lately.

This is your chance to buy the outer front and back cover of that checklist - inscribed, hand-signed, and certified by James Lovell!

Originally from the collection of James Lovell these 5''x8''  front and backside hardcover pages from the "Updates" checklist were taken from the Apollo 8 'Updates' book, Part number: SKB32100042-201, Serial number: 1003, which flew onboard the Apollo 8 Command Module during the first manned mission to the Moon in December 1968.

Comes with documentation and certification.

The entire manual was originally obtained by us from Heritage auction galleries.

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