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Expedition 43/44 FLOWN complete country flag set – ex-Padalka

Estimated delivery time : 4-12 business days depending on country, ships immediately

From the personal collection of record cosmonaut Gennady Padalka :

Complete set of flags of all 6 countries that were involved in expedition 43/44 - first time 6 nations were in space working together onboard the ISS at the same time !

Each flag is postmarked onboard the ISS and certified by Gennady Padalka in his own handwriting "Flown on ISS".

Japanese, Danish, Italian and Kasach flags are handsigned by the astronaut !

Only a handful of these sets were made and the last has been sold in Superior auctions many years ago at around $4000 !

A piece of history - comes with additional Photo-COA by Gennady Padalka.



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