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Vostok + Voschod signed 8x10 glossy by all cosmonauts

Estimated delivery time : 4-12 business days depending on country, ships immediately

Vintage 1966 glossy, about 12x8 inch, of the first 11 cosmonauts – the Vostok and Voschod group.

Beautifully handsigned by all 11 cosmonauts incl. Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkoa, Vladimir Komarov and Alexey Leonov.

Comes attached to a leather folder embossed in gold „To Comrade Theofil Vladyka from the cosmonauts of the USSR“. This is an official presentation given to an (apparently highranking) official and one of the few authentic groupsigned images of the first 11 cosmonauts. Beware of lots of fakes coming from a wellknown source in Russia today.

Since the glossy is permanently attached to the leather folder there is no risk of replacing the photo. In this case there is no better proof of authenticity !

We have only encountered less than 10 authentically signed groupimages in the past 20 years (as opposed to hundreds if not thousands of Mercury 7 groupsigned images).

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