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Apollo 13 flown "webbing material"

Apollo 13 flown "webbing material"

About 1.5'' long swatch of webbing material mounted on a 7x9'' rigid foam board certified on the backside.

Apollo 13 almost turned into a disaster when an oxygen tank exploded and forced the crew to abort the lunar landing mission goal, fly around the moon and return safely back to earth. James Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert proved the effectiveness of the crewtraining along with ground personel.

This presentation bears a FLOWN piece of webbing material that was installed in the Lunar Module "Aquarius" which became the rescue ship for the Apollo 13 crew - only few artifacts from the lunar module are in existance for obvious reasons!

The source piece was obtained from NASA technician WR Whipkey who certified it as originally presented to the ground support teams after the Apollo 13 flight. A copy of his COA comes with the package.

This edition is limited to 50 presentations only.

Please note : Due to the nature of the source artifact each presentation differs slightly in shape.


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