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Apollo 14 lanyard with flown betacloth

Estimated delivery time : 4-12 business days depending on country, ships immediately

Own a flown to the moon artifact at only 59,- Euro !

This highend luxurious lanyard contains a FLOWN piece of Apollo 14 betacloth material encapsulated in the acrylic cap. This beta cloth flew to the moon during Apollo 14.

The buckle is made out of solid metal and comes in a exclusively designed futuristic spaceship design that ressembles a bit the space shuttle.
The strap is made out of white Nylon and has security lock to open in the case of extreme pressure to avoid any personal damage and damage to the lanyard.
All other parts such as the keychain are also made out solid metal.

Hold it in your hands and you realize the difference to cheap plastic giveaway lanyards !

The source of the betacloth is the personal collection of Edgar Mitchell - Apollo 14 moonwalker.
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