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Apollo 16 FLOWN beta cloth patch - ex- collection John Young

Estimated delivery time : 4-12 business days depending on country, ships immediately

From the personal collection of John Young - unique opportunity at an unbeatable price :

Flown 9x9'' Apollo 16 beta cloth patch handsigned by Charlie Duke who also consecutively numbered the patches #1 - #25 in our presence.

Here's the story behind :

The entire sealed pack was found in John Young's "Flown items" folder by his wife Susy Young and then sold via renowned author and space historian (plus personal friend of the Youngs) Howard Weinberger to us. Mr. Weinberger also confirmed the story. 

Mrs Young's letter of authenticity is shown here for reference, though a numbered copy will come with each patch ! John Young has signed the outer plastic bag once(not part of the patch offer).

I have personally opened the sealed plastic bag containing 25 patches in the presence of Charlie Duke in Munich in June 2019 witnessed by Mr. Gerhard Daum from the Speyer Technik Museum. Photos and video sequences have been taken and will be made available soon here and sent to each buyer.

Charlie Duke then signed and numbered each patch consecutively #1 thru #25 and confirmed that he carried a similar bag of patches to the moon on Apollo 16. Mr. Duke does not endorse or confirm authenticity, he only expressed his opinion and was happy to sign them all.


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