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Apollo 17 official insurance cover - ex-Gene Cernan

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Apollo 17 official insurance cover - crew handsigned by Gene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt and Ron Evans

From the personal collection of Gene Cernan :

Apollo 17 insurance covers are possibly the rarest of all Apollo flights as they were not released after the flight by the crew but kept by commander Gene Cernan. 

Only 250 such covers do exist making it much rarer than Apollo 11 - similar to the Apollo 17 Robbins Medallions which are also the rarest of all Robbins medallions.

Extensive history is provided with the cover as seen on the scan - each cover is mounted on a notarized certificate of authenticity. (signature of Cernan there is preprinted). Cover can be easily removed from the 8x10 certificate if needed.

Covers are available with different anniversary dates : Launch, Recovery and moon liftoff.

Three of these insurance covers have realized an average of $6000 in space auctions in 2018 !

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