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Apollo 13 LM FLOWN 8x10 Fra Mauro map signed by Jim Lovell + Fred Haise

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Given by the crew to NASA mission planner George Colton - flown in the Apollo 13 Lunar Module Aquarius !

FLOWN approx. 8.5x10.5 sized map "LSE Fra Mauro -4G"- flown to the moon onboard the lunar module "Aquarius" that became a lifeboat for the three astronauts during the historic Apollo 13 mission.

This map originates from the "LM lunar surface maps" book - NASA Part No. SKB32100082-371 - serial S/N 1001" (1001 usually refers to the flown status while 1002 is the backup part as George Colton confirms). A fabulous group of maps that would have gone to the lunar surface onboard Aquarius had the mission not been cut short by the explosion.
A fascinating and informative 2002-dated typed letter signed from him regarding the production of this map book is included along with several of his service records and copies of the Apollo 13 stowage list showing this item by number. All these maps show the actual landing site "Fra Mauro" that became, of course, the landing place for Apollo 14 on the next Apollo flight !

The Colton letter reads (in part) : These final copies were printed on 7mil Cronopaque. Cronopaque is a type of plastic found to resist burning. All onboard material had to meet stringent fire and outgassing specifications that were developed as a result of the pad fire that killed Grisson, Chafee and White. The paper products used in the book also had to meet these specifications.

"When I received the loose material back from the Army I took it to our in-house clean room where it was processed into the final book format. Each sheet was trimmed to final size and laminated back to back with the next page. Holes were punched, covers were prepared and rings were inserted to make the LM LUNAR SURFACE MAPS into a loose-leaf book.

"Two exact copies of each book are built. In this case it was serial number 1001 and 1002. Serial number 1001 is always designated to be the flight article and 1002 the backup. In the event that 1001 is damaged than 1002 can be substituted. In the case of Apollo 13 serial number 1001 was the book that was flown.

The entire map book was originally presented by the Apollo 13 crew / James Lovell to mission planner George Colton a few days after they safely returned from their flight during an official ceremony in Houston while Fred Haise nicely inscribed and certified the front cover "To George - this document flown to the moon on Apollo 13 spacecraft 11-17 april 1970. Sure sorry we didn't get to use these. Thanks from the Apollo 13 crew, (signed) Fred Haise, James Lovell and Jack Swigert.

This is one of the best documented checklists out there with a perfect chain of ownership, originally sold by George Colton to famous space collector Steve Belasco whom we've acquired it from. James Lovell has signed a couple of these maps for us and they come with some wonderful photos of him signing your map. Fred Haise has signed this map at an autograph show.

Each map/checklist we offer from this book comes with a perfect documentation :

  • FLOWN Apollo 13 map
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Copy of the original George Colton documents giving further background
  • Scanned files of ALL maps and checklists from the flown  "LM surface maps" book
  • Highres. files of James Lovell signing exactly this checklist and holding it
  • Certificate of authenticity from Novaspace for the Lovell signature


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