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Lunar rock - Dhofar 1769 meteorite slice - 0.29g

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Lunar rock - Dhofar 1769 meteorite slice - 0.29g

Ever dreamt of owning and touching a piece of the moon ? Here's your chance to own a completely legal and fairly sizable piece :

Information about this lunar meteorite can be found here.


The anorthositic highland breccia contains clasts up to 1 cm, which are mainly anorthositic lithologies and crystalline impact melt breccias. It also contains glassy fragments, some of which are highly vesicular, veins, and impact spherules (mostly devitrified) embedded in a fine-grained, clastic matrix. The spherules indicate an origin at the lunar surface. Accessory minerals: ilmenite (abundant), troilite, FeNi metal (rare), and zircon (very rare).

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