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Lunar rock - NWA 3333 meteorite slice - 0.72g

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Lunar rock - NWA 3333 meteorite slice - 0.72g

Ever dreamed of owning and touching a piece of the moon ? Here's your chance to own a completely legal and fairly sizable piece :

This one has a very interesting and clear structure, plus it was a very small find with only 33gram in total !

Information about this lunar meteorite can be found here.


(A. Jambon, O. Boudouma and D. Badia. UPVI). Breccia composed dominantly of two lithologies: A phyric basalt and a gabbro. Basalt with subhedral olivine phenocrysts (<1mm; 20 vol%) slightly resorbed in a finely crystallized groundmass. Highly fractured gabbro clasts. Small doleritic clasts with zoned pyroxenes. Mafic areas of once molten rock with olivine needles. One clast of quenched basaltic melt with numerous zirconolite needles (0.7 vol%; 0.1 mm) silica and celsian K-spar. Ilmenite, troilite, chromite. Plagioclase and clinopyroxene. Carbonate fills the largest fractures.

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