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Lunar rock - NWA 6888 meteorite slice - 1.105g

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Lunar rock - NWA 6888 meteorite slice - 1.105g

Ever dreamed of owning and touching a piece of the moon ? Here's your chance to own a completely legal and fairly sizable piece :

Comes with a COA by Space Jewels Switzerland.

Information about this lunar meteorite can be found here.


(Lorenz C.A., Ivanova M.A., and Demidova S.I. Vernad.) The meteorite is polymict, melt matrix breccia, consisting of numerous mineral and lithic fragments embedded in a fine-grained devitrified matrix. Lithic clasts dominated by melt breccias, granulites, anorthosites, gabbro, gabbro-norites, troctolites and VLT-like basalts. Rare spherules of devitrified glass occur. The size range of the clasts is 0.02-9 mm; the main minerals are pyroxene and feldspar; minor - olivine, silica, chromite, ilmenite, Zr-armolcolite, troilite, and FeNi metal.

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