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Vostok 4 FLOWN used food tube - Pavel Popovitch

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Larger flown artifacts from the early Russian Vostok program are extremely hard to find as very few items were kept back then with solid provenance.

We are proud to offer you a flown food tube used on the historic first groupflight done in space : Vostok 3 and Vostok 4 by Andrijan Nicolaev and Pavel Popovitch.

As obvious in used condition this milk coffee tube was used by Pavel Popovitch during his flight august 12th-15th 1962 and represents one of the earliest flown artifacts used on a manned spaceflight on the market!

The tube has been originally aquired by space artist Andora directly from Pavel Popovitch who annotated the tube in his handwriting stating "eaten during the flight".

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